Werner Schrittwieser



"Ein Tag ohne Lachen ist ein verlorener Tag.“



I try to convey the joy of running and motivate people to do it under the motto “Fun with exercise”. Exercise in the beautiful natural surroundings has a positive effect on both our body and our mind! I am also very involved in charitable projects. In 2024, I will continue to support and accompany the Heart Runs throughout Austria as an official “Ambassador with a Heart”. There will be eight events in eight federal states for Herzkinder Österreich, which supports children with heart disease and their families.

Even though I no longer compete for new best times, the training and competitions are very extensive. Of course, this also places a corresponding strain on the body. Panaceo not only helps to control gastrointestinal complaints during sport, it also has a positive effect on the immune system and supports my regeneration.


Werde auch DU Teil des PANACEO Teams